Conceptual Designs

Legacy projects like Aspen Pedestrian Mall are not developed over night. Community feedback has been critical in reaching this point in the project. The designs are a visualization of the information and public input we gathered in Phase I.

The online community survey for the three conceptual designs closed on December 22. Thank you to everyone who has participated in this process.

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The Alternatives


These videos walk through the three conceptual design alternatives. Each design has a different approach to various mall elements and the videos help to explain the nuances of each design.

We will begin with a brief introductory video that explains where the three designs fall in the range of possible changes. The video ends with suggested points to consider while you review each alternative.

Stay the Course

Alternative One

The first alternative is entitled: Stay the Course because it most closely aligns to what is in place today. The alternative seeks to restore some of the areas which have lost integrity, mostly in the reestablishment of simple trees along Mill Street.

Click here to view and download the conceptual design plans for Stay the Course (alternative one). >>

Community Activate

Alternative Two

The second alternative is entitled: Community Activate. This also looks at maintaining a similar appearance as exists today, but seeks to invite people into the space and to linger longer through a series of multi-purpose uses in a few areas of the mall.

Click here to view and download the conceptual design plans for Community Activate (alternative two). >>

Capturing Potential

Alternative Three

The third alternative is entitled: Capturing Potential. Through the community outreach we heard feedback from many to consider opportunities to improve the connection to Wagner Park and enhance the treatment of Mill Street.

Click here to view and download the conceptual design plans for Capturing Potential (alternative three). >>

Interview with Mike Albert

Bonus Video

In this interview, project lead and designer, Mike Albert of Design Workshop discusses the development of the three conceptual designs, moving towards a preferred alternative and more.