The Aspen Pedestrian Mall surface is more than forty years old, and some of the underground infrastructure has not been upgraded in sixty years. Not only are the bricks reaching the end of their lives, but the surface is uneven and is not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. Most of the mall trees are reaching maturity, and their size and confined growing space creates challenges for their health.

Aspen Pedestrian Mall improvement project includes 130,000 square feet on Hyman, Mill, Cooper and Galena streets. Significant utility upgrades are necessary to anticipate the next 50 years in downtown Aspen. The project’s scope emphasizes achieving those upgrades while preserving the underlying character, historic integrity, and businesses within the Mall for future generations. The project will be implemented in five phases, each involving public input.

This project is limited to the scope of the project area. This project is not an expansion project, a scrape and replace or redevelopment.

For more project background, click here to view the City Matters GrassRoots TV Segment, “Pedestrian Mall Improvement Project” with Ann Mullins, Amy Simon, Jack Wheeler, Jeff Woods and Host Mitzi Rapkin.


Addressing the problems on the mall is one of the City Council’s top ten goals. Upgrading the utilities, renovating the mall’s surface, replacing trees and invigorating the environment are top priorities.

  • Maintain historical integrity and character of the Malls while upgrading infrastructure and access.
  • Explore innovative ways to improve the stormwater infrastructure systems to further protect the Roaring Fork watershed.
  • Replace aging utilities to serve customer needs for the next 50 years.
  • Retain the Malls as an urban park with a strong forestry program that promotes best practices for the continued health of the urban forest.
  • Increase mall accessibility to meet modern code.
  • Engage the public and business owners to explore the best ways to enhance the Mall experience.

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